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My name is Jodie Marburger & I own and operate Beau Mitchell Boutique. The name of the website was created from my children (Dalton Beau & Dylan Mitchell). My late grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 6 years old & I have been making gifts for my friends and family since then. My husband Erik gave me my 1st sewing machine when I was pregnant with our first son Dylan. I made several outfits for him to wear that year and I continued to sew until our 2nd son Dalton was born. I love to sew and soon after my boys were born I learned to quilt also. I was working as a graphic artist when Erik & I decided to take the leap into embroidery. We purchased a 12 head embroidery machine and started Beau Mitchell Embroidery. We owned and operated the contract embroidery business for several years before we sold the business, but my love of embellished items is still my favorite hobby. I had so many requests from others that I opened my ETSY store in 2010. In 2011 I started digitizing my own embroidery designs. In 2012 I launched my website – Beau Mitchell Boutique, giving everyone access to instant download of my embroidery designs. I love to create new designs. If you have an idea for a new design please contact me.

Jodie Marburger
Beau Mitchell Boutique

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